My names Bethany, and I am a 19 year old photographer based out of Connecticut. Although, I absolutely love to travel. I'm down to travel anywhere for all your photography needs! I have a passion and love toward photography unlike any other. It is a rarity to find me somewhere other than behind a camera or a computer editing!

How long have I been doing photography? Well, honestly forever. There isn't a lot of memories I have as a child in which I wasn't playing with a camera. This is definitely my passion and life long career! I ended up working with a professional photography company for a little over a year and ultimately decided this NEEDS to become my full-time job.

I absolutely love meeting new people and getting to know my clients before hand to capture the perfect genuine smiles! My goal isn't to "pose" you to perfection, but more to capture the "perfect pose" naturally. I want to create authentic, uncanny moments and connections that can't be remade. I aim to capture the most genuine smiles and emotion through each image. When viewing your gallery, I want your pictures to hold a story that can only be told when viewing them. With all those everyday moments that may seem small, they end up creating big memories for you to cherish for years to come. I strive to capture those moments to have a story that shows individual connection, emotion, and love!